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The Wembley Community Society was formed and received society status in spring 2021. We are a group of parents/guardians, community members, and school administrator volunteers. Our mission is to revitalize and enhance community spaces and support the needs of our community. Our first project is to design, fundraise for, and install a new playground and play space at Wembley Elementary School (WES). WES was built in 1984, as was most of its current playground. WES provides services to over 190 children aged 3-10 years. Nearly half of the students are bussed in from County of Grande Prairie residences. The school yard is a frequent gathering place for families on weekends and after school hours. It is also used by Imagination Play and Learn Daycare year-round, as well as the Town of Wembley for its youth soccer program. Unfortunately, much of the playground equipment has deteriorated despite best efforts in maintaining it. Also, the student demographic has changed since the original play structure was installed. 

The first phase of our project has a budget of $400,000 and will include the removal of the old equipment, installing the new equipment and new fill and safe fall zones. Our project supports the health, safety, accessibility, mental and social well-being of the youth in our community.

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Raise Money for Your Favorite Charity
Mega Bounce Run is committed to making a difference in the communities it visits and creating relationships with its race participants’ favorite charities. We want to work together with your community to raise funds and awareness for your favorite charities and nonprofit organizations.

Is there a worthy charity you have fundraised for in the past or one that you are interested in fundraising for in the future? Mega Bounce Run wants to help! We are always looking for Mega Bounce Run participants to partner with and raise money for the charity of their choice. Sounds good, right? Here’s how it works:


  • You must be affiliated with or connected to an affiliate of the charity or non-profit of your choice

  • Contact us with the charity for which you would like to fundraise. We will then create a custom “Mega Bounce Giveback” code to be used in registration

  • Spread the word! At least 20 people must register with the Mega Bounce Giveback code for a donation to be made

  • For every person who registers with this code, Mega Bounce will donate $5 to the charity or non-profit of your choice

  • Bask in the glory of your good deed

Do you know which charity you would like to help?

Email us with the name of the charity for which you’d like to raise funds along with a short summary of what the charity does and why you believe in their cause. Please note that a W-9 must be provided for Mega Bounce to make a donation, which you will be responsible for providing.

Raising funds and awareness for a charity whose cause you believe in has never been easier. YOU can be the one to bring together your entire community and benefit the charity of your choice. Together with Mega Bounce Run, we can make a difference.


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