Response Measures and Refund Policies

COVID-19 Health Measures 

Your health and safety is top priority as we plan to welcome you to the event! We continue to follow B.C and Alberta Health Services for updates and guidelines to help us prepare.

Please read through the following important precautions and measures we are taking to prevent the risk of COVID-19 spread:

  • We will stagger the start times to allow for smaller groups, less density, and physical distancing. 

  • To prevent common touchpoints, we cannot provide bag check, portable toilets, formal seating, tables, or additional activities.

  • Participants must be healthy and not show any COVID-19 symptoms (cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose or sore throat - even if symptoms appear mild or resemble a cold). Please complete a self-assessment prior to arriving at the event. Participants showing any symptoms must not attend the event.

  • If you exhibit COVID-19 symptoms at the event, you will be asked to promptly return home. Failure to leave the event site will force an event postponement/cancellation.

  • Participants are expected to use proper personal protective practices (coughing and sneezing etiquette, hand hygiene, etc.).

  • Spitting will not be allowed! Consider carrying tissues for spit and mucus and dispose of them promptly after the race.

  • Faster runners: Please keep to the left and allow two meters of space when passing other runners or trail users.

  • Slower runners and participants with strollers, etc.: Please keep to the right.

We strongly encourage you to:

  • Wash your hands frequently, bring hand sanitizer, bring your own water bottle, and maintain two meters of physical distance from others at all times.

  • Bring a non-medical mask for use in public washrooms and while you are not running or walking.

  • Use the restrooms at your home prior to arriving onsite. We cannot guarantee public restrooms will be available. 

  • Arrive on-time (not earlier than necessary), and refrain from gathering with others after you’ve completed the run/walk.

  • If you need assistance on the course, please look for race staff/volunteers and ask for assistance.


All tickets purchased for 2021 and onwards will be subject to our newly implemented refund policy as follows: All tickets are subject to full* refunds up to two weeks before the event the tickets were purchased for.  

*registration fees are not refundable and is 100% out of our hands.  Tickets will be refunded online through the registration system and a refund fee equal to registration fee is added (ex. $6.50 system registration fee = $6.50 system refund fee)  The system fee varies from event to event. The fee for each event is calculated and listed at checkout.

Event cancellation
We try not to cancel events, however, we have learned there are a few reasons cancellations happen.  Our most common reasons are unsafe site conditions, pandemics, or local emergencies. The most common reason for event cancellation is weather, however, for most events, we are dedicated to moving forward with an event as long as it is deemed safe to do so. Regardless of the reason for the cancellation, our cancellation policy is:

Cancellation notification: Participants and volunteers will receive an email notification within two hours of the decision to cancel the event. Participants will also receive an SMS notification on a cell phone if the phone number was provided to the event organizer during registration.  Updates as to the event status will also be posted on Facebook event page.

Event postponement!

If we cannot run the event as planned we will try to postpone and give our registered participants the following options:

  1. Postponement to next year's event: All participants will automatically have their registration transferred to the next year's event. To activate the ticket for next year's event there will be an activation fee of $10 per ticket. We charge this fee to help cover our event costs as most proceeds from ticket sales are spent in event preparation.

  2. Transfer to another event: Participants can choose to attend an event in a different location and there will be no transfer fee for this option. 

Weather policies!

Mega Bounce Run will go ahead rain, shine, or snow as long as it is deemed safe to so. In case of severe weather such as storms or extreme winds, the event will first be delayed until the weather clears, postponed until another day, or canceled altogether.  

While we always aim to move forward with the event, we reserve the right to; alter components of the course for safety, delay run times, postpone or cancel the event. We also reserve the right to cancel when a facility, municipality or law enforcement deems it necessary.